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I'm sorry to say we are such a small business that we do not have nutritional information for our soups or any of our products yet. It is something that is definitely on our ever-growing to-do list. What we can recommend is to do a generic google/online search of whichever soup you want to know about and if the ingredients are the same or very similar, you can at least know where to start with the nutrition. I personally like to use the app 'My Fitness Pal'. We have this question a lot and I feel most people are wanting to know our sodium content in particular. We say that we don't usually add extra salt to our soup mixes, however we use beef or chicken bouillon in all of our soups and bouillon is just not a low-sodium product. We can recommend to 'water' soup down to reduce sodium levels (knowing that it will reflect in a decrease of flavor) or just do better the rest of the day!  ;-)  I'm guessing our sodium levels are similar to canned products on the shelf at the grocery store.


We like to tell people that our mixes last easily up to a year (if not longer). We use all dry ingredients so there is nothing that will go bad or make you sick---however with time, things can simply just get old and may have an old taste or smell. I have personally used a bag of soup from the back of my cupboard that was probably 3 years old and although I did notice an old smell when I cut the bag open, it cooked up and tasted just fine. We do recommend if your product contains chocolate chips or Parmesan cheese that maybe you want to use in 6-8 months--because those ingredients do contain a small amount of moisture and tend to go stale/rancid quicker than other ingredients.


We don't actually have a storefront to walk in and make purchases. Our website is our store and you can make an order online or simply call us to place an order at 402-890-0899. Also, on our website is our show schedule, check it out and we might be somewhere close to you coming up! We do always offer free delivery to Lincoln and surrounding local areas. Hope this helps

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