Dear Customers,

We have four children and my husband farms just outside of Hickman, Nebraska,raising corn and soybeans. I have been in food service for over 40 years and went to college in the Diet Tech and Food Service Management fields. After college, I began work as a manager at the Lincoln Correctional Center. After our fourth child was born, I decided to devote all my time to child raising (yikes!) and being a Mom.

I still wanted to utilize my food service experience (and have some adult conversation once in a while) and started at the Lincoln Farmer’s Market with a few dozen jars of mixes on a card table; with no idea that 27 years later I’d be selling thousands of mixes a year and traveling to other states doing shows! My family is hugely supportive and without them, this would not be possible. My husband and all four of my “best kids in the world” have willingly (?) volunteered their legs and muscles in helping carry mixes and ingredients, and helping at shows.

For the first 17 years, I have made all the mixes myself and did not have any employees, HOWEVER, that is changing as my son and daughter-in-law are helping with the business! They are helping make the mixes, create new recipes, helping at shows, and being my “right hand.” You will recognize them at shows because they're the ones with no wrinkles or gray hair! 

I would like to humbly thank all my customers for your continued support. It’s hard to believe I’ll be starting my 28th year and due to your loyal patronage and amazing “word of mouth” advertising you have given my business and products; each year becomes more and more successful. My family and I deeply appreciate and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!